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Sending email from Arc.
3 points by markkat 4809 days ago | 3 comments
I'm trying to figure it out. I've seen aw's gmail via PERL, but I am wondering if anyone else is using their own server.

I've got Postfix/Dovecot/MySQL running, but would be happy to change if a path has been made elsewhere. -At the bleeding edge of my current skillset.

4 points by akkartik 4809 days ago | link

I just use system to call sendmail (postfix). Here's how it looks in readwarp.

  (mac pipe-to(dest . body)
       (tostring ,@body)

  (def mail(to subject message)
    (pipe-to (system "sendmail -t")
      (prn "To: " to)
      (prn "Subject: " subject)
      (prn message)))
You may need more options for the sendmail command. I use authsmtp to stay out of people's spam folders, and that requires some changes.


3 points by aw 4808 days ago | link

Added to the wiki:


2 points by markkat 4809 days ago | link

Thanks akkartik this should get me started. Much appreciated.

EDIT: Awesome I think I've got it. Thanks again!