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2 points by krapp 441 days ago | link | parent

There does already appear to be an RSS feed in the footer, but it doesn't appear to be sending the correct MIME-type so Firefox at least thinks it's just a malformed HTML page.

If I remember, I'll try to get it working later tonight since I'm messing with the stylesheets and HTML anyway.

Does anyone think a subscribe link to each thread would be a good idea?

3 points by shader 440 days ago | link

I think a subscribe link for each thread would probably be overkill. Most threads don't last very long, especially since there's a time-limit on responses.

What exactly is it you're working on?


3 points by krapp 440 days ago | link

>What exactly is it you're working on?

ATM, simplifying the HTML and CSS, removing obsolete tags (like font) where possible. Also eventually themes and having the base font size be selectable, since not everyone is comfortable reading 10pt grey on grey text.


4 points by shader 438 days ago | link

Sounds good.

I guess these improvements will only affect people using the Anarki implementation of the forum? It would be nice if we could get some upgrades to the original instance.

Specifically turning off the feature that disables replies on old threads, and probably switching to a most-recently-updated ordering scheme.