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1 point by zck 727 days ago | link | parent

Does the console where you've started up the news have anything printed out? You might also add some prn statements to figure out where you get.

1 point by whitepage 727 days ago | link

thanks for your reply, it's saying this:

    initializing arc.. (may take a minute)
    serving from C:\Users\user\anarki\apps\news
    starting app news
    load items:
    ranking stories.
    ready to serve port 8080

    To quit:
      arc> (quit)
      (or press ctrl and 'd' at once)
    For help on say 'string':
      arc> (help string)
    For a list of differences with arc 3.2:
      arc> (incompatibilities)
    To run all automatic tests:
      $ ./
      arc> (load "tests.arc")

    If you have questions or get stuck, come to
    Arc 3.2 documentation:


1 point by zck 717 days ago | link

Odd. What is the page serving? It's never finishing loading anything? Does your browser's inspector tools show anything completing?